Xpress Payroll Features

Online Payroll

The easiest way to pay your employees. Securely run payroll anytime, from any device.

Direct Deposit

Let your employees avoid bank lines, we can directly deposit their money electronically on pay-day. Debit cards and on-site check printing are also available.

Tax Service

Leave the worries and hassles of payroll taxes to the experts. We will pay and file your taxes electronically for you.

ACA Monitor

Let us help you navigate the Affordable Care Act to ensure compliance and to keep you updated on the latest ACA information.

Employee Access

Your employees can retrieve paystubs and W2's via their PC or smartphone.

HR360 Library

Access HR information at your fingertips like rules, laws, sample policies, handbooks, and job descriptions.

Email Notification

Don't worry about remembering to process payroll. We will send you an email reminder to ensure that everything happens on time.

Xpress Plus Payroll Features

Employee Time & Attendance

Allow employees to clock in/out from any PC or device as well as reduce data entry at payroll time through automated time-tracking.

Employer Text Notifications

Receive text reminders to process payroll as well as text messages after payroll has been processed for items like "Required Bank Deposit" for the current payroll.

Employee HUB

Intranet for your employees. Clock in/out, request time-off, receive paystubs, and even share messages and documents.

Employee Text Notifications

Employees can receive information regarding their direct deposit via text messages, like "Net Pay" and "Time-Off Balance."

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